After Apollinaire (long after)

As part of my current 2nd childhood project, I've been wrapped up in Guillaume Apollinaire.   Much absorbed in his Villonesque, Verlaineish life & verses.  Goes back to an early attraction, affection.  Here's the first poem of mine published in RI, written as a freshman at Brown U., outside sitting on the sidewalk around the corner from the library where I work today...

(after reading Apollinaire)

I made this notebook thoughtlessly
out of marks that separate me
from what my feet touch
though it bakes my eyes
each morning leaving a room
I find a lot of people without shoes
are whistling down the street
without caring about stars or dark bowls
a girl's hair beckons the evening on

in the warm air the first fly of spring
drones about my face looking for summer
short-legged people with winter hats
glance at the sun and bounce off the sidewalk
my back to a warm wall
I know how silence defeats love
leaning like an old man
against a warm day like this


Now that I AM (just about) an old man,  around the corner from this poem (40 yrs ago)...

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