Jesus Thoughts (6) : a Fri. afternoon blast from past


My God, my God, my whole weird life has pivoted on this hair's-breadth. I am not kidding, nay, not one bit.

The poetry of Shakespeare & the Bible drove me out of college into the wilderness. The poetry of the NY School got me into college (Ted Berrigan imitations : he grew up a couple miles from my alma mater).

Zen & the Art of Information Maintenance.


Gospel: Jesus (the Nazir - not the "Nazarene", but the Nazir, the ecstatic singer-prophet) - speaking of the future, says, offhandedly: "Knowledge shall increase." Oh, heart/mind. Logos/pathos/ethos. Mimesis vs. analysis.

One of the best books I've ever received was a gift from a carpenter-photographer high school friend, who dropped out of college in the early 70s & came to NY to get into the art scene: The Nazarene : Studies in New Testament Exegesis, by Eugenio Zolli, Univ. of Rome (publ. Herder, 1950). On the Hebrew/Aramaic context of the poetics of the parables.



Joseph Hutchison said...

I believe it isn't Jesus who says "knowledge shall increase." It's "a certain man clothed in linen" in the Old Testament Book of Daniel (12:4). He also has a body like beryl, a face like lightning, eyes like lamps of fire, etc. Not Jesus, at any rate. Unless I've forgotten a New Testament passage....

Henry Gould said...

Yes, you're right! Thank you, Joseph!