American Dream

True to form, ol' Henrah keeps doin' whatever the heck he's doin'.  Finishing up another chapter (#3) in his latest irrepressible yawp - that is, Ravenna Diagram.  Just in in time for the 4th of July.


The flag, lacquered with encaustic
in Greenville, S.C. –
like a sand story
in Queensland, or mosaic patchwork

quilt (outside Ravenna, OH).
Her palm inscribes a circle
as she chuckles out the tale.
We Walbiri live on the ground.  So

dry in California – only
the Bridge keeps orange in
her shroud, Florence (thrown
into fishnet soon, my little tree).

Love is the criterion.
Your only manly mistake
was pride – it is to take
power as entitlement, my son.

E pluribus unum – tears fall
as rain from Manitou,
Black Elk whistles.  You
see the Mandan dancing – Jubilee

a joint venture, people.  American
Dream.  Not to be tarnished
by malice, nor the fish-
mash fables of the shellfish.  Someone

turtles through the brazen image...
flutes across my tables
of thanksgiving.  Seven Gables?
Stephen’s Gate?  Iris, in sage.


Flag on Orange Field, Jasper Johns

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