Dreamsong scrapbook

Drawing near the end of another chapter in Ravenna Diagram.  This is the penultimate entry.  As  usual with my ancient habits of poetry-masonry, when I get near a finishing-point, the occasional, "found" synchronicity aspect seems to come to the fore.  For better & worse, I guess - you will have to be the judge.  (One explanatory note : my grandmother Florence was born on the 4th of July 1900.)


  i.m. Sir Nicholas Winton, 1909-2015

The wonder of such strange & serpentine
inversions – the fugitive figure
of a mote-motif (Apollinaire
in pipesmoke, say) turned adamantine

ground-bass.  Children of Nicholas
trained by tomb-cocoon
back to civilization –
little seedling-waifs to distant witness

stand for a hero’s welcome, basketed
in attic scrapbook (almost
lost).  So inside-out
(a Chaplin’s chaplaincy).  O helmeted

spouse of almond biosphere,
whose pergola or grape-
vine lattice lifted up
one speckled shadow, brazen spear –

sere monarch-leaf... to re-appear!
Wave-shield for life arrested –
lacquered, casketed
sybil of Sibelius, flown clear

in V-formation, still alive...
So Dante’s Florence, my
grand motherland, might be
a molting rhyme, prairie beehive

as forth from Juliet or Maggie’s den
Earth arcs one Saarinen
cat-grin – fireworks begin
to boom at dusk (Frisco, Ravenn).


the late Nicholas Winton, with one of his lambs

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