Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness


My mother’s golden watercolor
of a corner by the porch
door – let us approach
this summer morning autumn splendor

as it was, & will be once again.
An open door in Hopkins
Minnesota spins
its Manitou of teeming pain

et vin (an infinite childhood);
Alighieri in Ravenna
summons high Sophia
in the guise of Beatrice... would

she still circumference all human
knowledge in her arms?
Beyond Hell’s harms
stands Boethius – Consolation

rhymes (decline & fall of Rome)
with Dante’s futurismo
(Roma onde Cristo
è Romano) Рone bright sunlit home.

Paisans, turkeys, sheep draw near.
The meal c’est commenc√©.
Massasoit & Williams here play
host – what was a funeral pyre

unfolds to cornucopia.
The crux of natural law
is liberty’s Commedia
all-human Earth joins Milky Way.


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