I take the zigzag iron


Once more I take the zigzag iron
steps to the river, messy
with ice floes, shaggy
snow.  Leaning like a blind man

on a walnut cane – elliptical
wobbles part of the scene –
a yellow Mediterranean
hypercube out of Israel

by way of Ravenna, or Voronezh.
Brown Mississippi,
take me on your hippy,
roll me with your palm-cortรจge

like a Mardi Gras Chief, bowing
Guillem’s trompette marine
don’t bow to none
but God & Queen Marie (wheeling

like a rose kaleidoscope, sheer
levitating waterfall).
All the birds of the air will
chatter in that live-oak cedar –

rainbows scattering in all directions
like arrows from the sun.
They speak for everyone –
whistling starling-projections

mapped onto a merry time-
space Ocean chronicle
the Lady will unshackle –
Shekinah, or Magdalen... L’Chaim!


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