bobbing like a robin's nest


Out of a thousand painted threads,
Agnes, you warp a frame
for some belle dame
of sanded mercy.  Mounds of pebble-

heads, broken by force... the list
of useless tears... unspoken
outrage in the caravan...
the camel’s otfe-hump (if you insist).

Henrigold the river-god
bobbers oiled Jordan
with Lorelei (raison
d’étoile – mosaic mermaid).

It was the frame, Agnes, it was
the bloom, encircling
a gold bee-sting –
it was the Viennese princess

who rose from copper strands of wire –
who lifted bottlecaps,
ineffable mayhaps
into a mossy petroglyphic spire.

O spider-thread of nothingness
O Hamlet’s hesitation
Guillaume Bier creation
bobbing like a robin’s nest

around an Okie stump (of Manitou)
twin-man   twine sister-span
love’s Everywoman
Miriam   a   song in C major   (for you)


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