find the unicorn


Fear of another is fear of death.
Instinctual reaction
to deadly situation – a
primitive contagion, or jaguar teeth.

So history’s abacus shuttles
red & black, or blue
& green... just for you,
little black-&-yellow Moth of Battles.

These stately river-cottonwoods
flare mossy banners
now; Hobo’s many spanners
choke the bridge-works.  Shaker bloods

from Puget Sound redeem themselves
with help from epileptic
shaman-chants... pep-talk
of buried elderberry souls (elves’

yodels, echoing their green on green).
The Word circles like
a hungry raven – pike
or spearmint (Mermaid Queen).

St. Louie, with his trumpet, now
brings up the nondescript
rear-guard.  The script
calls for Ezekiel, or sunflower –

Iris in the limestone cliff
curls into Unknown
Soldier.  Soddy Brown
they called him (working stiff)


whose star skims from the evening murk
anonymous Firebird
or twinkling agate-shard
in snarl of spiral Melville shark-

tooth, spouting salty balderdash
crossing the Portland bar
– whose thunder-straits are
worse than Frisco Bay mish-mash.

O the gray shade-vault of chilly Chartres!
The golden limestone cave
framed with architrave
of ancient enmity – Synagogue-martyr!

The fractal fault-line of an old polemic
circulating ossified
eddies of Johnny’s gospel
spleen... (tragic & epidemic

unintended consequences).
O the smiling Word
chants resurrection... heard
in Ramah & Ravenna, Rimini (Ez

kowtowing to voracious Rule).
Crossroad strictly abstract
for everyone – the trick’s
to find the unicorn (a holy fool

who paces like St. Francis through
the prairie steppes).  Someone
calls you... homespun
Natasha, limping toward the sun (ey yo).


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