ovals over pyramids


That poor man’s body frozen in the snow
at Wounded Knee.
Big Foot, mistaken for somebody
else (Sasquatch?  Goliath?).  Into

the valley of the shadow goes, Raven.
Wisdom & humility,
twin sisters.  See
how the old chief aches for comprehension.

Forbearance, mutual understanding,
peace.  In short supply
fallen under Assyria –
out in the sticks (Badlands), freezing.

When flour’s ground, small insects too
are crushed.  Bullish philosophy
for young rough riders, bloody
with their ba-ball clubs (Yankee, Hindu).

Boys ape men’s wars for an inheritance.
The monarch, meanwhile, churns
reptile venom – earns
replication in a prairie sundance

all the way to Mexico.  A delicate
sword fight with Judy Hotchkiss
(deadly bees taken amiss
lead Rachel down to Sheol, Juliet)

ends in snowballing massacre
the day after (frozen
conclusion).  Take me away
from these scenes, black star


of harvest moon – bury them in trench
to hide the crying shame
of unquenched hell-flame
(mustard kiln rank with lime-stench).

Eyes frost over.  Hopelessness
of dauber’s art.  Oddly
placed boulders, hardly
balanced on the tip of mysterious

20th century placement & weathering.
Glazed over enough, yah?
Giotto’s all the cry
now, Cimabue – gag order on that thing

hung over the Capitol (New Glum).
Crowds trading places

for a view of the races
at State Fair (Human Bird-Hum).

Awake, Russia!  Make America
Great Again!  Nation
shall lift gas station
against nationfail, Columbia!

Everything is inside out, & there’s
the Salamanca forest
for recalcitrant peacocks.
Even so.  This grey pebble, this

kamen soldier, simple carpenter
might open just one eye
in palm of clay hand, see –
check the hoary Isis river-


level, placed like a Franklin Bridge
between twin banks.
Through airy arc (thanks,
Saarinen) soars prairie Wind-Wedge

(spooky Manitou’s whole altar).
She’s not a Ghost Dance,
she’s an entrance-trance –
a way of weighing Light Feather

against your heavy heart (soul-
sorrow).  Lake Victoria
or little Lake Itasca
spring to mind – Madonna del

Parto – light-skipping lamp-sheep
traipsing grass mosaic
in shade-sketch (archaic
camera oscura).  Black Elk sleeps

& dreams.  Big Foot & Wounded Knee
& Buried Heart &
Yearning Soul & Mind
lift from that heap of yesterday...

light feather-memory.  Young one
be strong, be good,
be not afraid.  World
law of gentleness is airy crown –

breeze breathing through the universe
bestowing life upon
worried monkeys – sun-
heart of Wakan Tanka (Jesus-nurse).


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