only Osage land


July... all the baby flags.
Every bright young lamb
tuck to torment in Vietnam.
Lyndon moon-face – how it sags.

Hubris... alien, demonic force
unhinged from humility
(vomitgreen parrot pity).
Folds bomber-wings in remorse

after all.  Neither national
nor international;
only irrational
(November’s double coronal).

I’ll finish off this work in progress
now, Columbia –
OK?  Oklahoma’s
only Osage land (but I digress).

& poetry?  Is just a conversation
among singed beans.
You joint it, Henrythin,
to ease U-Haul into elation

(somehow).  That OK.  The heart
is made of meleki limestone
(royal).  43 lamps shine
down upon them groove.  What

now, Henry?  What hum?  What ghost
flit as yum turtledove
‘bove fry Friday pirate cove?
What smile lightum up (coruscant host)?


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