golden autumn of the codgers


A synthesis of reality
is the poet’s quarry –
the whole serene array
sweeping like wind over the sea.

Not that irritable reaching
after fact & reason
but a subtler conviction –
life’s laughing dolphin, breaching.

So lips’ continuum of air
sustains your sea-sounding,
reverberates in rounding
surf (os-scintillating there).

The light stems from another realm.
A gravity so dense
you’re pulled beyond sense
to transcend...  Owlish Athena’s helm

shines like an emerald acorn cap
out from that wilderness
of native lovingkindness
(Williams’ mayday just a maple tap).

The Ocean State is what we seek.
The Providence of Roger-
Seeker... golden codger
settled in his freedom, meek

and bold.  Like admirable Edward
Coke, who founded
justice vs. his confounded
king – a chaste equality (rood-hoard).


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