More sidelights on the "W" theme, for anyone still following these obscure trails: from Grassblade Light, a chapter titled "Of W.B." (referring to William Blackstone, the Anglican pioneer-hermit who set up a library/orchard ("Study Hill") in Cumberland, north of Providence; credited with producing the first American apple (the Yellow Sweeting). [once again some spacing between words is lost in this format, unfortunately]


A downy W
star ached over
the lakeside beehive-
city buried in melody

where flighty
figures and green
clover-lovers ran
to the puppet-play:

here comes Federico
the toreador weighted
down with sword and
finery here comes Gago

the Golden Calf bell-
withered vain swung
on a chain of long
green Jealousy and now

the bull strikes Federico
on his head! He falls
the strings are broken
a slow tear wells

in Boca Reina's eye
ay me
ay me
woe am I

she falls cries See!
as the whole bee-
town lifts the bier
of solid air into the sea



Fallen pollen
yellow me this
mellow day must
to your mini-donjon

in the prairie my
Stephen's Gate Ist
ein bully byzbyz nest!

halloos St. Giddy-

up doubleyoudoubleyou
galloping into his leafy
micro-chasm take me too
far down above and up below

my dove
my sistrum
my harp-hum
of struck piano-

voluminous black hills of
Sheba milky w-veined gold
- a mass of canonical rolled
skyland red cardinal suet hove-

ring within a tiny Armenian X-
cathedra chrysalis above Turkish
trucker's gardens of Magda-Kurdish
Yahweh-wayout zebra-flipped King lex-

acorns. Inside a Blackstone.
Where was Abraham most-urlieste-
mourning-doveliest lovecake-teste-
calculate-continous-crow Jack Robinson.


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