Spontaneity. . . then again, Nowness (awkword word). Eliot's Tradition after great labor comes to sounding everything Again, Now, Anew. I remember finding some phrase once in Zukofsky for that but I can't remember it! How he felt himself re-doing what is always done in every age. Contemporaneous/perennial.

Behold, I make all things new. "The Bible is muh main book (blog?)."

As it is. . . when the universe comes home to the odd & distant nooks & crannies of a particular unique person's essence (soul expressed in character written in experience). David the sinner-man harper hand in hand with his Maker.

So that you hear the universe through the homey voice of someone who's come home - & that filter changes the nature of the universe.

Stevens probably put it more concisely somewhere.

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