Something more obscura from Grassblade Light:


Infant crocuses (purple and white,
yellow at the matrix - sweet,
infinitely delicate) emerge
into raw-sprung air, among

skunk cabbages, detritus
uncovered after snow -
as an inverse couch potato
crouches in his plot (his potted

messages). Camera obscura
in the darkened room -
Rome through a pinhole,
upside-down. Air-

cushioned mattress microcosm.
Image of your fiftieth American
home run in the grass coliseum
empty absolute zero field of one.

Too-wit, too-woo. . .
This is a path.
The mark P of Philip.
John Sassamon is a witness.

Flying blind to Brazil or Lebanon
Admiral Gago crashes twice.
3.30.22. A 360-hp Rolls-Royce.
4000 miles. See dar, Noah -

the Sperry-Mag is in his hand,
a wheel within a wheel - the
compressed-air spool goes
gaga - countertop-time and -


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