I wonder if G. Gudding has ever read The Dream Life of Balso Snell.

Nathanael West, a.k.a. Nathan Weinstein, went to Brown U. His sister married SJ Perelman, another Providence/Brown satirist. Does GG realize mulch of his themes etc., his "Theory of Ass" etc., are already in ovum there?

Does the West realize that when it refers to "the West" it is really referring to Nathan Weinstein???

The Dream Life covers most of the foibles of writers & would-be writers & bloogers.

"'Oh!' Balso exclaimed, carried away by these memories of his youth. 'Oh!' his mouth formed an O with lips torn angry in laying duck's eggs from a chicken's rectum."

Mr. Gudding late of Fargo or someplace out there, fills his tank in Providence, before making the great Westward journey.

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