Thinking about the Cantorian infinite-dimensional line, come to think of it, there's quite a bit along those lines in the 3rd chapter of Stubborn Grew ("Once in Paradise"). It's a chapter about painting, perspective, Berkeleyan-Romantic vision, etc. Wish I had the book here, various stanzas. . .

There was a line, so that the generations live.
Source of all the. . .onion domes,
.. . million ghetto'd Romes.
. . . of the infinitive : to give.


A point. Then a line to the end of the.
Forms frame for all the others.
The other colors.
De materialibus ad immaterialia.


The point is in the line now, Dino.

De-materialize a bus ad?

(I know I'm mixing this up. Will post corrections when I can.)

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