Op-Ed piece in Times on personality traits of the U.S. generals who did, or did not, become Presidents. Explains a lot (if not all) about my troubles in po-biz land.

The also-rans (Winfield Scott, George McClellan, Wes Clark, etc.) wore their ambition on their sleeves, were stand-offish, took themselves SERIOUSLY. The winners (Grant, Eisenhower, etc.) were modest, easy-going, had the common touch, put their jobs (not themselves) first.

Maybe the main problem is that I identify with these generals at all. Here's my gr-gr-grand uncle Gen. Delos Sackett, with Abe Lincoln, at Antietam. He's the burly guy at the end of the row. (Also-ran McClellan was there as well. He's the nappy little Hotspur in the middle.)

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