Bloggoetics : yesterday, Howard, a LIBRARIAN, approached me at the end of the day to say, APOLOGETICKALLY, SHYLY, that he had come upon my BLOG, at random, BECAUSE... WHILE BICYCLING, SOMEONE HAD SHOUTED AT HIM FROM A CAR, "YOU PUSTULE!" So: the meek old longbeard guy googled "pustule+insult", &, by some VERY devious path, came up with HG Poetics! ((By Jove, I have over-polemicked, hereabouts!!!))

So I pusted it in my (as yet untitled) poem (pusted here earlier - ie. "pustulant"). & I pusted it upon my BLOG because... my _)(*)(&^*^% computer is "messed up", & I have no word processing at the moment (yes, I must return to the manual TYPEWRIGHTTEGHRR!!!).

We have come FULL CIGHRRCLE, friends. SMAGHGHSSH THE MAGHGHCHIGHNNES!!! [aghghgcchchchcoooo!!!!]

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