I too, friends, shoveled much snow. First the driveway, then the path to the compost box. Then the church sidewalk. Then I collapsed into a Patriots game. Being a true-blue Vikings fan, I have to say that this kind of snow reminds me of normal all-winter conditions in the old days in Minneysota. No big sweat (I am writing this from my hospital gurney). (just kidding)

Those old days were pretty heavy-duty, actually. I remember delivering the Minneapolis Tribune through chest-high drifts. The man across the street, in old Mendelssohn, had a heart attack after shoveling, once. He later went on to write the I'm OK, You're OK series of pop-psych books, & became very wealthy. I guess he was OK.

I'm thinking of writing a book on the new miracle health regime, snow shoveling. Soon people will have artificial snow machines just for their own driveways. & I will be a millionaire & will quit my day job. I'll write poetry under the pseudonym "Robin Snow" - things that start like, "Something there is that does love a shovel."

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