Took Pushkin the Cat for a P-walk after work. While he huddled under the (baby) northern spruce, I noticed a cardinal couple (dark red & light brown) piping meekly in the Bruegelly dusk. I thought of Bruegel snow.

That fine Downy Woodpecker to my immediate (Massachusettschutty) north, Allen B., suggests I have been promulgating metrics. Far be it from.

I am not metrickal. Somehow, I fell into rhyming. Guess I have written about 8,000 quatrains in the last 8 yrs. Occurrethed it, to me, this even, that what I been doin', is fiddlin' wid a new PROSODY (yeah, right...)

involvin' rhymes with variable 4-5-6 foot (freebie) lines.

this occurrethes to me verily (- ever thought about the word "very"? Latin. Basically, it means "truly". "very true" = truly true.) AFTER THE FACT. & I think this is verus for Sxpr., Chaucer, & Oddwyn Shlippsy, too (to mention only the salient figments).

BTW, hopeful news yesterday from Spuyten Duyvil Press: they plan to re-issue Stubborn Grew AND publish the sequel (The Rose)... hopefully later this year. 80% of the quatrains right there!!!

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