Blogging is fun sometimes, sometimes exciting - global, quick.

Also land of empty dreams. I've seen the 3rd-best minds of my generation buzzing with internet chat-fever. I've seen the nerveless nervy Tribes of Talk filter into their mungy swamps & solidify like so much North Polemic ice and inequitsoterritorial grease.

What is a serious poet today? Somebody who wisely nurtures and refines their talent and wisely navigates the publishing waters. There's no internet shortcut to the dealing with editors, magazines, publishers. Absorbing the milieu, the background, the foreground.

It ain't me, babe. I'm just a sub-sub-sub-abject-librarian.

The poet is part bird, part professor. The bird part allows the poet to stand an equal with scientist, scholar. Professor part assists bird part. Some professor poets are missing the bird part. I be Bluejay-with-adjunct-Autodidact.

(Is everybody getting this down now? I have to go for coffee. Test later.)

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