A young aspiring author named Cliff Hanger emailed me, Chinover Minny III, to ask:

          Say what's with the future of poetry?  
Say what do you see happening
in the next 3-4 generations with it?

I always like these kinds of letters because they trigger my future-modeling software automatically. I simply click onto "FTR-X MODULE" & see what's going to happen. Here's the current report:

2.22.05 Future of Poetry Next 20-70 Yrs. The current model of top-down hierarchy in poetry will be replaced by Trobar Clus Redondo model. TCR is based on a system component through Linux which is freeware available to all poets. It allows the individual poet to design AI-superintel poetry, equal to him-herself brainpower at top capacity, readable by any equal or better brain (language optional). "Talking-down" type intelligibility [sp?], formerly prevalent in Soviet Realism style American SOQ PAP poetics, which was designed in those days to reach the average "Joe Dumbest of the Dumb" type poetry reader, is automatically deleted by default talk-down delete filter. This is handy for those of us still prone to DNA-snob hierarchical reaction phases in our writing praxis (ie., practice). TCR capability is also enhanced by a special green PO-Elimato Button, which, when pressed with vigor, instantly phases out 85% or 300,000 (whichever is larger) poets of marginal political instinct-DNA functionability; thus we have an optimal area-wide functionality of 3-4 TCR Special Poets, in total cohort compatibility. These will be the new generation of stakeholders in the poetry aggregant. They talk, we listen - but no Talk-Down! A significant unforeseen adaptation, which, once in place, makes one ("one" = 35) wonder ("wonder" = 35-der) why nobody never thunk it before. It will be called the Poetics of Unintelligibility (just for fun). Poems will be meaningless, in a throat-catchingly pow'ful manner, because they will use TCR advanced enhancements to create difficulty where there wan't none before. Talk-Up Difficulty will be the new meaning of meaninglessness, which we expect to flavor current environments in Poetics within the next 4-5 centuries. Bleep.

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