More rivery reverie from July:


And when you forgive us our passion trees
as we forgive passing trees
planted o.k. steering
centered in the streaming Sophie

we will continue downriver
into the heart of the aleph into
the elephant ear the twin E
of summer Delphi a raven-ravined

mouth of dark lady's delta
the Southern Cross and
acorn of Africa scored
for thumb piano in delicate

palm of leaves of papyrus
we will float south upstream
toward Shebaa's sudden and mist-
wisteria'd swampland super-

saturated with seedlings and
Balthasar's handsome shadowy
handover to an infant she washed
and watched as she washed listen

for the cue of the alph-baton
in her vale of Captain Verde
an apple orchard unrevealed
where the fiduciary tablet of

the future lies in jewels of jade
and we will journey there again
ineffable, still unbaffled nugget
resting in the ruffled rustle of J-

shade beyond coppery way-rust
gone mossy Mississippi delta'd
into the Gulf and in Antarctica
everything turns left


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