In the previous comment box, Jonathan writes:

"The present regime is all about concentrating power, not dispersing it. Hence, attacks on the independence of the judiciary, increased police power, the eroding of civil society, the justification of torture, arrogance rather than the humility you so movingly advocate. I'll forgive Josh whatever youthful political earnestness he might have. That nice-sounding first-shall-be-last Christian rhetoric has nothing to do with the theocratic regime you voted for."

This is well-put, if exaggerated. & though I wouldn't pin the blame for unaccountable power in Washington solely on the Republicans, there are & have been things done in the name of democracy & American security - like detentions without trial, and shipping prisoners to places like Uzbekistan - for which we should indeed be ashamed.

Democracy should be about protesting & changing these things. So Jonathan is right to point up the problem. But he also twists a general statement of principles - what the plan of American democracy is about, as compared to anarchism - into an indictment of my vote. & that is a typical partisan inflammatory polemic. Typical : which is why - considering the current political climate - I wasn't surprised.

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