a little more from My Siena :


The Lord hath created a new thing in the earth.
A woman shall compass a man
Jer. 31:22

In the quiet womb of what shall be
The estranged, homesick word flies back to its nest
Of abiding peacefulness.
Alighieri and
Ezra circle home again, through the door
Beneath a bookstore's rocking sign
For Wisdom (coracle) - touched
By patient, penetrant
Forgiveness - lifted
From the jaws of Leviathan.

The womb absorbs their eccentricity.
An unexpected equilibrium takes hold.
The empty wind and the words it carries
Ruffle the water and reflect unspoken things.
What was justice for the High Commissioner
Becomes a pathway for the downcast immigrant -
That baby refugee, whose throbbing wail
(Still untranslateable) will parse
The future tense.

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