... & one more bit for today...


The moon was like a shield of milk serene
over the long lazy-Lazarus river of mud
and a mild music in 4/4 time dum-
a faux tod blessed sans

filtered the willow-limbs
like a breeze from the delta
and forth came the deadly belated
jewel-brow of an eddying copperhead W

like a wily whale from an upland cave
speaking in bellicose pitch-tongs
of sullen fury green-gutted
with spite beneath the vacant lamp

of a one-eyed Sears Green Constellation
the whorl of his disaster-tail tipped
through a pinball furnace petals
of velveteen galaxies the venomous patter

of his speech-machine Independence Day
while the clock with four hands (not red,
not black) in the tiny room (engaged,
not vacant) where he waits (intrepid, with cigar)

for the helping hand of an hesitant cripple
aligns at last Greenwich and Washington
Florence Petersburg & Lima Jerusalem
and together cry fly, dove escape from me

through the light breeze in the empty garden
rustling the vines beyond the porch
in the uplands where the serpents play
and lying still beneath your palm the dragon

at the summit wheels (tame now) for you
(fireworks rounding out your forthcoming)
who fused the four hands of the seraphim
inverting dragonship into green infant nef


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