The Former formertive fortress-thoughts, & the Latta on sculpture.

solidity & many-sidedness. approachable-impregnable. more than the sum of its rip-offs.

sculpture is serious. the expense of sweat & the weight and roundness, the fact that it's just going to sit there.

though there is plenty of lightness & humor in sculpture nowadays.

not that I know much about it.

in sculpture the design is its own armature and gravity is built into the equilibrium. what you see is design itself, and you feel its weight. (& the materials, their sheen or depth.)

a sculpture ornaments or crowns a place. it is built to last.

it marks a happy contingency, at the insection of objective & subjective.

sculpture is just an extension of landscape, a salience. ridges, rocks, trees - even meadows are sculpted.

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