Dragonfly launches from somnolent lily pad
and joins, with agile grace, the air force
of the world. Pivoting planes course
unforeseen plateaus (Nature's toolshed

multiplied plein air). Hobo-Oblomov
meanwhile rests his case. His little file
of origami paper. Like a pillow-
case, under a drowsy brow. Off

work again, it seems. Homespun topology
(a gyroscope, in a bottle, in a shipment
of vodka). Crisp spirit quiescent
holding pattern - Pure Oblomology.

Between rest and the forest comes gardening,
, his friend keeps telling him. Hobo
looks up from his model Blue Morpho, glancing
across town. Bottom of the ninth inning,

somewhere, he thinks. Life's a ball game.
Players play, lawyers lawyer, builders
build, mothers mother, poets... ponder,
lapping their papyri into paper flame.

The fold was not a simple alternating
crease. Each step led upward, on a steeper
plane. Cocoon came first, crimped sheer
to chrysalis. All in by agitating

linked caster-cort├Ęges through a stiff
iron gut, separated from pulchritudinous
hencoop (voltage 715 henrys) (deceased)
by hunched inchworm (butterfly valve).

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