Just a note to new visitors, as to what the heck I'm doing around here these days :

Have been posting an ongoing poem called Rest Note, and also providing some stanza-by-stanza commentary (Rest Note Cliff Notes). I know this breaks the rules... you're not supposed to say too much... but I like, for example, Wallace Stevens' semi-explanatory notes. Plus, I'm not telling you everything... (how could I?)

The sections of the poem are posted together over at Alephoebooks. It may seem a little confusing, because I'm simultaneously posting new, just-written parts of the poem, while commenting on previous.

The commentary always refers to sections already consolidated over at Alephoebooks. The first Rest Note "chapter" (of 19 parts) is already complete over there (& that's what I'm currently commenting on). Meanwhile, I'm on to writing the second "chapter", and posting it here at HG Poetics.

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