So goes the summer.

This section has a little puzzle in it. There are several obscure oddities here; however - to the first person who can identify the particular little code I'm thinking of, I will send a book!


Lost sailors in late far extremities
(deserted) dream to the antipodes.
A pendulum swims wide above a void
where butterflies solo (perplexing sky).

Ambushed by ambitious shrubbery
(trysted credence of disabled cane)
an edict's submarine reverberation
mutters (barely audible) its remedy.

Invisible (veiled arcs of curving ribs)
grave weight it fans - heart's hollowness;
waiting (reed-girt, ruddy bell) to bless
the crimped coin of the realm (dark Sheba's


tinder star). She makes her bed with bedouins
weft in the iris of a camel's eye (otfe);
greenrusted purple meteorite - ray
inviolate - she is a Bess in the abyss,

pent Penny in the well. A sailor's ark
she rocked so (in the air) on Ararat
an iris flowered overhead - the fiat
of the desert was in flood - its park

prismatic (minuscule dew). And so it was.
Bell-flower, concord's covenant. Solemn
Solomon's-seal. Oasis-pendulum.
The quiet crickets' rusty susurrus.

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