Fontegaia revving up again.


Summer in Providence. Infinite
depth (I cannot plumb). Kingdom
of sidewalk dragon-world. Microcosm
(in your heart). Radius (toward Planet

X). That your heart find peace
unknown in a world of highways -
where old Hobo goes crazy (Ramirez
portfolio; San Francisco long-term lease).

The secret love that croons in the cast-
off harbor (in the distance, under the
copperhead bridge) - lovely plot
of oblong racetracks (Franny's ass

comes in last) - shaded by hands
quicker than light (early morning
straw in the Campo). Ezekiel saw
dem wheels a'glory
- tottering

in the ring of a pickled Babylon
(no way, nowhere). Remembered
first light in Jerusalem (embered
aubade). Muttered his symbolon

for foregone generations. Poets wheel
like horses - a mud-splattered ellipse
snorting the finish line through nostrils
of bloodswelled eclipse (each parallel

its own infinity - each bursting heart
harnessed by mesmerized hoofbeat
to the end). Until bells (replete with
time) doom-boom : Father! the chariots...

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