I guess a critic might quibble with a style that requires so much machinery (see previous).

But maybe it only demands such for the special conditions of an offer of an excerpt in a snippet on a blog.

My method of working is a s-p-a-n, a r--a--n--g--e, a c~o~n~t~i~n~u~u~m.

I've written already many a short poem. Now I'm just a goon a-goone onna loong pilgrimaage, take it or leave it.

The self-publishing poet has a lot of strikes agin him-or-her, since for many a publisher & mag editor & reviewer & collegian, the chancet to manage an established pooblic oriffice like a Magazine or a Publinking House is the very Capstone of thems Career, & so... a DIY dope is an imp of an explicit challenge, of sorts & sortations.

Swipe it off the desktop, matey!

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