more Fontegaia...


Your shade shapes my circumference
faster than light. Horse, chariot fused
in one Black Sea brow. Hydroplane Muse,
hippopotamus from Ethiopia... my nonsense

rim. Spiral mote in the eye
of Hurricane Harry - gold glint
or old lint? - your transparent
dust-parenthesis mesmerized me

like the ME scrawled upside down
in undatable Greek along a curve
of vernal copper (Antikythera
treasure trove, kosmos in an

ancient ice-cream cone). We were there
on the Green Mountain, boys
- sprung
cruising a dulcet Sienese ring
beyond the river of time (spry

ninefold harmony). The circle wheels
back forwards (like the last crab
in July) for Assisi Frank, Calabrian
Joe - upon an alphabet of eagles'

wings, or Justice in a tight-wound
J. A sissy on a singing ass will win
Veronica's napkin, pallidly drawn
cast-off of your unbound

feat, mis-spoken jockey (nailed
in the Campo every time).
Old sack of sheep's bones, Abram's
folly - U (hoarse whisper, wavy wand).

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