Dragonish paradigm

Ravenna Diagram, the continuous poem-in-progress, slithers along in its dragonish way through the clouds.  These lines of Stevens' come to mind :

The man-hero is not the exceptional monster,
But he that of repetition is most master.

That master theme of his - to consider the imagination, as it shapes the "First Idea" (or ideas) by which we live, is also an unavoidable subject for me (& any poet)...

How is it that "representative persons" become part of the landscape (seascape?) within which we navigate?  What is this shuttling back & forth between the verbal model, the paradigm, & the actual here-&-now?

The question of the icon or image, & how it might be interpreted...

Confess I'm not saying much here.  Just trying to open a door on this thing, which seems to have its own idiom.


In the events all around you
at this moment – like
that cabbage moth taking
a hike around the arugula –

there is one Event, like the breeze
cooling your sultry end-
of-summer haze.  Send
to Gilead for news – release

those carrier pigeons from the rooftops!
Take a message to Garcia!
Summon our immune
militia (Firecracker Pops

& Marty King to lead the way).
None shall die in vain.
The long day wanes.
Like Max in Mexico, the monarchs play

hide-&-seek behind bronze pillars,
Lebanon cedar.
One beloved figure –
footnote painted in a corner –

shy colossus in Rhode Island
pasted with primary
color – Hurricane Mary
(Maggie to her friends) will stand

for every cyclone & dust-storm
of tears.  Here’s looking
at you, kid.  Bring
apples, Rosie... comfort Everyworm.


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