Out sailing

Side note : "Rhode Island Statehood Day" is May 29th, which also happens to be JFK's birthday.  (& see NY Times article, where the photo appears.)


An Ocean State sky, color
of sleep or turtledove
today.  Don’t move,
let the wind speak.  Late summer

mandorla of ripenings –
a little boat in your hand.
John off Rhode Island,
lounging, relaxed.  Bare shins

& feet propped up against gunnel.
Good book on deck,
half-moon of wooden oarlock
framing calm harbor.  Sea-knell

through the photo (Pietà).
When we go back to the sea,
whether to sail or to watch... we
are going back from whence we came.

America’s Cup... can you drink it with me?
The Round Table, the Lady
in the Lake... a malady
in the Grail (of all humanity).

One raven-prong drills through the human.
Black Sea sunlight rays
from the depths.  Maximus
with one hand frames the circle’s rim :

one sail traces its catenary arc
along a thread of fleece.
Ariadne’s peace, which
passeth fathom five... Mark.


JFK sailing, ca. 1950s

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