Papa touches down


Equinox : a bridge between seasons.
Nay, no night-mare;
articulate as horsehair
& as serviceable.  Musique de balance,

équilibre Рnight & day,
reason & faith.  Of summer,
d’automne... (mordant humor,
luminous grief)... Hey-hey,

giddy-up, Old PaintWe galumphin’ to see
the Pope touch down, in D.C.!
Strait o’ Columba, maybe –
where turtles kick through tough gray

curves – like a mess o’ limbic pigeons
decorating limestone
from the air.  Everyone
behold her, now – mazy Simone’s

the River Queen.  Like Ariadne
with her golden seine,
or murmurous Magdalen
of sunburnt feet, she will meander

underneath each Maximus
(from Po to Eridanus,
Neva-Neva to the rusty
Don)... O Theseus, she’s mulish US!

Chart the way-way back now, Mary.
Through this labyrinth
of dinosaurs, a kitten’s
coracle will bless – make merry.


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