Limestone Medusa


Something inherent in the stone,
the milky, the snow-seasoned
Winnebago (Indian mound).
A pregnant plot, expectant zone...

one-string├Ęd salt-shanty, or tent
of tentative meeting.
Limestone Mediterranean
USA, moon-galloping... unspent

Ethiopian Edith (double-we).
String’s stretch-to-break
(real Rimini headache)
loops through Persephone-tragedy –

Tiresias whispering mother-wit
or pock-marked moon
keening her Dionysus-loon
(rive-marine beyond yon Key West

jetty).  If the Greeks could see...
but it’s not necessary.
Stout military
Perseus will refract the sea

into a trillion dolphin-heaps;
Poseidon’s jealousy
toss Cassiopeia
upside to her throne (for keeps).

The circle of the sea (deep Circe)
revolves round Galilee –
Pygmalion will be
revived in thee, Pocahontas-B. 


may the circle be unbroken

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