Yu the Great & Alma-joie


Emperor Yu, beside the Yellow River
noticed a painted turtle’s
dome poke from the yurtling
current... crosshatched with a magic square.

Was struck with wonder – enlightenment.
The order of the world
arrayed, made clear – curled
around one salient shell.  A tent

of meeting at the end of time,
a mote embedded with
encaustic gold... the myth
fleshed out by spider-paradigm –

one woof of mutuality
supernal company
dovetailing tympani
to turtle-immortality.

The character of a place reflects
the character of those
who dwell therein.  Flows
of time illumine the limestone text,

the lambswool poncho, shrouded cave –
where we will meet again
old Roger Gentle-Hand,
bright Guillaume Apple-Mare... Genevieve

Little Tree... dear Juliet Bluejay...
where the matrix wheels
an April love... seals
1200 tribes with alma-joie.


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