Grapes in a landscape

Another topical sketch for Ravenna Diagram, ripped from these headlines :

Israel Aims to Recreate Wine that Jesus and King David Drank

Hope for Nefertiti's Tomb, and Egypt's Economy


Articulate inchworm, lifting
little arches across
King Tut’s chambers –
shape-shifting hero (glyphic

frogman), testing the submerged
crevasse for Nefertiti.
O Jealous Fertility
Goddess of the Wine-Splurged

Sea!  Accept our offerings –
these cracked amphorae
full of ancient air
& semaphore (dusty grain bins).

Do whatever he tells you, she
directed them; the wine
from prehistoric pine-
nuts will transport us into Galilee.

But you have saved the good wine
until last.  These grapes
are not Israeli types,
nor Palestinian; they shine

in the landscape; this is beautiful.
The purple embroidery
around your lips, my
Queen!  The fiery eye of Yule,

the burning hearth of infantile
desire.  A trim Beatrice
flickers through bound hay-
bales (kayak, limping up the Nile).


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