Bathsheba takes a bath


Nocturnal nadir of the year.
Gray oaks along the river
nestle in a manger
of their own dry leaves.  Cold here

for the wanderer, the no-count
strangeling (shiver-er).
Bring them in, Pierre.
We have room.  Starlight will haunt

the here & now (parochial).
Already the axe is laid
to the waste land, cried
Granddad (civil engineer).  O

Tannenbaum... (his favorite carol).
Would save the sacrificial
pine (last year’s Noël)
for this year’s fire.  King Cole

in Mississippi wood (sacred) –
The Bear, a Memphis barge
in Iowa (suspect
at large).  Uriah (Scapegoat Snared).

Bathsheba Takes a Bath (sit tight,
Hittite).  In poetry
Hamlet will flip & fry –
like Salem for bluff Endicott,

Sweet William in the vacant pine
(a free perennial).
Romany iron, after all.
This hobo span beams red & green.


RR bridge, Minneapolis (red & green navigation lights barely visible)

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