California lovebeats


Dante paced the perimeter of Florence
with mumbling gravitas
& halting step.  He was
building a grainy microcosm, dense

as diamond, light as linden leaf;
light as this Minnesota
snowfall (speechless alpha
blanketing state fairgrounds beef

– bandstand omega).  Orientation
toward North Star becomes
entangled with kingdoms
of heaven, world – a mule’s way station

to a Gold Rush claim, staked down at last
in San Francisco (keystone
of stark orange span).
A vortex (raven-blonde, vertiginous)

immur├Ęd round painful iconic pair;
a song of songe (statute
of liberty) no more astute
than any lovebeat California dreamer

in midsummer.  Melodious emblem
for those deeper waters
(azure heights) that course
around foundations... Jerusalem

temple under Roman beams, arch
that forms the tensile wing
of eaglet eyrie (singing
scroll)... knife-edge of Raven-church.


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