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Note to reader : some of these poems are pretty darn obscure.  If you peruse this blog's web version (as opposed to mobile-phone version), you will find links, at the bottom of the page, to subject entries (labels) - which might be helpful in tracking down my footprints, or other footprints.  This holds true for all the Ravenna Diagram posts on this here blog.


The knot in the heart is a universal
wedding ring, wherever
you are.  Heavier
than iron, ce diamant mondial

de l’amande.  Bright orange lozenge-
mandorla, shedding leaves
of tears – vicarious
miniature trees (strange

fruit).  Like the shady crossroads
with the Dead End sign –
a little Chinese lantern
(glass by LaFarge).  Six nodes

in one honeycomb eye – melodious
riddle of light & shade.
Henry & John, a cannonade
off Sydney Harbor... looming ficus

guarding Southern Cross.  They sought
a figure for relief –
hoopoe... cloverleaf...
barely-veiled grief.  Stray mote

of dark December.  Henry looks up
through rose window.
A rim around the chi-rho,
hint of shining salt.  Red stop

sign on the dynamo, outlined
in cedar-glow (Mosaic
Shepherd Stands in Lake).
What the heart seek she shall find.


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