On the blue horizon line


You see a cat stripe-shadowed
by the slats of a fence.
One of those incidents
from Mendelssohn, out of childhood

infinity... flicker of memory.
Today.  Mid-April air
and sunlight.  Barely there –
a plainness of weathered cedar, sea-

bells.  Sea-salt.  Far away
two splendor-pillars
mark the Gate of years
& gravity – shine, wave goodbye...

& on the blue horizon line
mother & father join
two hands (bright axle-sign
– a double-axe) under the sun.

Man & Woman, O (M-W)...
Come forth, my son,
my daughter, only one
Time & Space unfold in You.

The mysterious heir of heaven
danced a masque before
Magdalen’s cave-door –
mothering the grainy leaven,

heavy loom of Here & Now.
Under faded barn slats,
hidden in straw, the cat’s
prowling a kingdom’s simple prow.


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