in Aleppo


A green kid from Appalachia
gone to fight in Fallujah
– someone explain?  Aya,
BabylonO generations!  A

late-night flashback (this time
not a war zone) – the stone
cave, the Mezzo-Eon...
the wooden man (half-lamb,

half-king) splayed on an axle
of Lebanon cedar.
Adam, 2nd mate (bare).
In Aleppo, the shells relax

theological distinctions
(strange how disaster
nets cousins together in
dense swallow-clouds).  Sons

remember their angry fathers
in another atmosphere –
benign, complacent weather,
a constant world.  Who bothers

to refit owlish waste places?
Earth presses toward
obstructed Adam, stymied
Eve – each watchful heart races

to reach Yezidi Paradise
(jade Peacock Angel,
over the next hill
from Sheol).  Sol breaks the ice.



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