like waves of the sea

Occasionally I'm going to disobey my own resolution, and post new poems from Ravenna Diagram.  Happy Midsummer Day...


Spell me the poem including history
if Providence on earth
blooms, Rhodian... Arthur
ever returning, like waves of the sea –

mesmerized & mesmerizing,
in disguise (as George
the gardener).  So merge,
now, emerge, with enterprising

pioneers of happiness, your
boon companions, in
loon-call theremin
borne toward a Lake Superior

of dreams – one cup of fresh water
lifted to the moon
of manna-honey – one
mute field note in the Chronicle of Mutter-

Patter.  A flimsy paper nautilus
skims her light pinnace
over the sea-surface –
her brood chamber full of caprice,

her Ocean State a colony
of Turtledove Cloud-
World.  A dream-word
sang out of a rooted cedar tree –

so old, Time had forgotten her;
so strong, her smile
threads from green pillars
outlasting the Wars to End All War.


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