Pin dat, Pindar !

                                         to Flavia Saraiva

So light she could dance in the palm of your hand
diminutive Flavinha
16 yrs old (4’4”)
spins round a square in Rio-land

revolving figure out of Faery   circling
like Geraldine Fitzgerald
with redhead emerald
circlet comb   encompassing

a globe    within her seashell shallop
green mandala made
of hands  rosy mermaid
(see Phoebe’s sapient dewdrop

on linen frame   for navigation)
one palm in the hurricane
eye   Persephone
shows leaf again   becomes whole nation

wheeling   in the Great Bear dance
around an oak tree   acorns
reigning like   Golgotha crowns
skullcaps & elf beanies   the romance

of Mnemosyne   again, again
the early history
of Buffalo   or Rimini
Ravenn   or Petersburg   Pipestone

or Voronezh   or Minneapolis,
even   along a spiral
fiddlehead   springs tall
her heavy lightness   like   an Okie kiss


Palm print by Grace Tagliabue & Phoebe Gould

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