thy brother calls thee


The cosmos hangs from a thread, a
lifeline.  Yes, Flem
was with us, up at Verm –
helped Dad, me & Jim (brother)

dig the cabin foundation.  Flem’s
father was MN State
Flem died of AIDS.  There are these themes,

signs... the padre of Hart Crane,
manufacturing Life-Savers...
Abraham with scimitar
squeakin’ by with a warning... O Cain,

thy brother calls thee from the ground.
Hobo sleeps by the river;
his thyrsus nods, a glimmer
of August grass.  Mullein, dock... diamond

pine-cone (piñata by the Po).  The tree,
the tall cedar of life,
Malcolm!  She’s your wife,
you know.  Nehushtana of Liberty.

Evergreen, year-round.  The shadow
owl knows (lives there) –
Spinoza cave-winds tear
up the forgery of terror (low

blow put into Vladimir Kiev-doom).
I’m singin’ with the stars,
Flem, Jim – after the wars.
Mr. Catenary Ted bojangles home.


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