just east of Providence


Scavenging Raven found a crust
of broken mirror for
his nest above the river,
in a craggy oak (Blackstone, dust-

laden, winding her copper yarn
just east of Providence).
Po (or Eridanus)
glinted in that shard; a purple crayon

traced a spiral crane-dance there,
pinned to a dove-grey water-
wheel (by hand).  The daughter
of Caesar trolled a welded cluster

of rust-rose keys just below the surface –
keys to the worm-riddled door
of haunted Sant’ Apollinaire
in Classe (where Pharos ghost-sails

teem for Stilicho, Galla Placidia).
At his perch, Cautantowwit
reads smokefires lit
from Paris – On 29th of May

Corn Maiden will pirouette
one Final Show (a Waltz
to End All Wars).  Salt
is good, croaks the haunted vet –

share salt amongst yourselves, &
be at peace.  The night bird
oars southwest – his last word
whistled into silence (prairie-land).


Note : on Aug. 23, 408, the great Byzantine general Stilicho was executed in Ravenna.

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