Ravenna Diagram surfaces

In today's mail I received contributor's copies of the October issue of Poetry magazine.  At the youngish age of 64, this is my first appearance in that venerable & jazzy mag.  Editor Don Share took one poem, called "Cedar Replica" - an excerpt from the endless milk train, Ravenna Diagram.  I'm very glad to have one boxcar of it in Poetry - & grateful for that editor's generosity, his attentive reading.  In a few weeks, the first volume of RD, which includes this poem, will be available in book form.

p.s. I was especially taken with the cover image, by Marion Kadi (titled "Mille et Une Nuits").  It seems to echo slightly these lines from the 5th stanza of "Cedar Replica" :

Your icon, buried in the garden,
sank like a thousand ships
into the grass...

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