remote highways


The multifarious facets of this vine
are emerald-veined, to catch
the sun – each tendril-latch
anchors cucumber to mosquito screen.

Shade-ravines along remote highways
or melancholy tamaracks
up north... waltz parallax
on Ocean Road (revolving maze).

Hobo, drowsing at Camp Who-He-
Who-She-Wah, slipped
down a culvert, overstepped.
His gravity condensed to mercury –

a silver thread of frozen fire;
sum of all his non-
action, his diffident un-
charity (dead fisheye in the mire).

As if the shining labyrinth,
Ariadne’s fever-chart,
led inward (part
angel, part beast).  One leaden plinth,

one stony-crumb foundation (churled).
One personal scar
of sorrow, raveled far
down Rua Tonimminotaur.  Pearled

diamond from Tsyan-Shizi, or
Marienbad – her glance
a glint, a last-chance-
ghost, a smile (for dancing bear).


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